Things to consider at a house viewing

Things to consider at a house viewing

When it comes to buying or renting a property, it is not a matter to take lightly. You are investing a high-proportion of your personal savings in the building when you are buying a house, and probably need to take out a mortgage, whether that be small or large. When renting you will, of course, want to choose somewhere that is right for you.

Make the right decision when viewing a property

As much as a new home is an exciting prospect for many, when you do go and see a house, it is important that you make the right considerations so that you come to a sensible about whether or not this should be your new home. There are many factors to think about when buying or renting your new home, it needs to have all the necessities and comforts that are convenient for you. Here are a few things for you to consider at a house viewing to help you make the right decision:

How light is the house?

Where does the sun rise and set? Are there lots of large buildings causing the house to be constantly shaded? It is nice to see lots of windows in a house and a light interior that makes for a pleasant living space.

Are there any structural issues?

This is particularly relevant when you are buying a property. It is essential that you ensure the building has no significant structural issues, like warping, subsidence or cracks. If you have any concerns, it is probably best to avoid putting an offer in.

Having a survey carried out on the property is essential, especially for properties which are older, and it will highlight any serious issues relating to the structure of the house.

How is the house fuelled?

It is important to consider how the house is fuelled and how you would like to receive your energy for lighting, cooking and general day-to-day living. If you would like gas, for example, you will need to make sure the house has access to mains gas, if it does not already. Likewise, you may want to consider renewable energy sources and electric. Find out information about the costs of general living in the home currently to make projections for your own budget.

Is it the right location for you?

Sometimes we can be swayed, whether we are buying or renting a property, into opting for a location that isn’t quite right. It is easy to compromise for a property that is situated on a busy main road, or for a place that is a bit too far out of town just because the property is ideal for your needs. Consider the location of the property and whether it is situated in the area where you would like to live and if you have children, take into consideration the location of schools and parks.

Do you have the budget to make any necessary adjustments?

If you are buying a property but would like to make adjustments to the décor, this will all need to be considered on the initial purchase of your house. After all, you wouldn’t want to live in a house that does not suit your tastes for a long period of time.

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